Membership Commitments

New Member Experience:

The New Member Program includes service and training opportunities, as well as social events designed to prepare participants for active membership in the League. League requirements have recently changed to accommodate work-volunteer-family balance.

  • Women who participate in the New Member Program are encouraged to:
  • Attend New Member Retreat (October)
  • Attend 1 General Membership Meeting
  • Attend 1 Learning Journey/Training
  • Participate in 2 Volunteering Events
  • As a Team, Plan Kids in the Kitchen-A New Member Event

A Prospective Member Shall:

  • Be at least 22 years old prior to filling out the Join Us “New Member Interest Form”
  • Live in the greater Kansas City area or its vicinity at the time of her proposal to membership
  • Have an interest in volunteering, a commitment to community service, and an interest in developing her potential for voluntary community participation

Steps to Membership:

  • Complete the New Member Interest Form
  • Receive an e-mail from our New Member Chair
  • Pay dues of $150, plus an additional fee of $20 for New Members